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When we dwell in pain and feel we have no tools and no way out, it can bring us down into negative feelings and emotions. You'll have a shift that will raise your vibration and attract more of the good feelings.


Subconscious reprogramming of the mind and body resolve blocks and heaviness that's stopping the flow of healing, and you'll finally be able to get rid of your discomfort in the deepest layers they exist. 

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Why Should You Consider Taking On This Challenge?

If there was one thing that I could say got me to where I am today to become pain-free, is my commitment.

Maybe it started 10 years ago when I reversed Chron's disease. Or maybe after a paragliding accident that resulted in a fusion of my back and a spinal cord injury.

Either way, all those years I have been devoted to freeing myself from pain. To have a body to adventure with ease. And even perhaps an attempt to find the body and the life I used to have before the paragliding accident.

It became my number priority. Over Everything. I tried everything I could try, I spent thousands of dollars with professionals. 

I even convinced myself I couldn't heal from paralysis because it had been too many years...

But all of that external seeking for who had the magic to help me hasn't been how I freed myself from pain. Your pain has nothing to do with your physical limitations. Or your circumstances. Or anyone in your external world. 

I am taking an intimate approach to help and teach you how to release, shift and transform, from the inside. 

When we start focusing on healing the pain with the power of our mind and body and using all of what they are capable to do, the possibilities for changes are limitless.

Oh, and yes, even something as hardcore as paralysis can heal after 5 years. So what cannot?

Meggie Houle

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