Alternative treatment to be productive even with ADHD

adhd hypnosis Apr 01, 2022

Being able to accomplish things when you have ADHD, doesn't lie in you having the right medication or the proper understanding of what the symptoms might be. 


Many people take medication daily and still struggle highly with getting started, staying focused on the right things, or finishing a project.


The truth is, you can be very productive and not even take any medication at all. Your success doesn't depend on that. In reality, many successful people use alternative treatment to help them in their daily day, with something that can actually contribute to their growth in the long term and erase some of the symptoms completely. 


One of the most effective alternatives you can use is hypnotherapy, hypnosis, self-hypnosis.


Hypnosis is simply a state of mind that access your subconscious mind. That's where your habits and beliefs reside. That's where all your rooted behaviors have taken form and what feeds your mind daily.


Distracted much? Shiny object syndrome? repetitive bad habits (hello late snack and tv show until 1 am) . Consciously, they seem really hard to change. But when you are able to tap directly into the subconscious, you can access the seed where these behaviors are being fed from to make a change.


All your hypnotherapist do is guide you through the process of self-hypnosis.


No one creates that state for you, in reality, you create it yourself, with guidance. This truth means that you can do all of the work on your own with self-hypnosis when you use the proper technique.


Self-hypnosis is my medication. If I wake up scattered, I use this technique for 5-10 minutes to regulate my nervous system and I am back to start the day on the right foot with focus. 


Not only can it helps with habits and focus, but it removes some old erroneous beliefs that are stopping you from being productive. 


Are you also struggling with anxiety? and rejection? high sensitivity? imposter syndrome? lack of confidence in your abilities?


All of those can really put a break in the good intention of getting started on a project. A critic, a comment, a thought, fear of making a mistake, can take the most creative person into a spiral of self-sabotage and hyperawareness which leads to stagnancy.


There are many audios you can listen to on the internet for hypnosis. It can be amazing, but also overwhelming. Which one should you listen to, when is it best to use it, how many times per day? How long should you keep doing it? 


Over 8-weeks, I teach my client a structured and very specific technique that covers all the roots of everything in their life. That same technique changed my life, not only did it remove the PTSD challenges I was having at that time, but it rewired all the struggles I was having with ADHD. 


But my wish for you today is to get you started, and I am going to teach you one simple technique that is the very basics of creating your very own self-hypnosis technique on ONE thing you want to change. 

Here are the five rules to make your own self-hypnosis suggestion:

1. it should be short and simple

2. It should include only one issue or behavior

3. It should be in the present tense

4. It should be in positive terms only

5. Focus on what you want 


You can start with:

I am a great ______________


Or you can use one of those suggestions generator:

How can I _______________________


A suggestion is a positive sentence. It works by reinforcement. You can start as simple as :

Everyday, I am getting better and better

Because night-time is the one time we for sure get into the brainwave necessary to get into that hypnotic trance, start by simply repeating your new suggestions as you fall asleep at night. 


If you have been wanting to get started with a method that not only makes you feel good every day but helps you feel focused and in control of your scattered brain, and complete a process of reprogramming all the deep internal blocks that are stopping you from being productive, get on my calendar to know if that's a fit for you. 

Is it time for you to find the ways to be productive?

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