Stop relying on medication for your ADHD

adhd May 28, 2022

I have a friend who couldn't get on the medication because of a heart problem, another because of severe asthma.

Another woman who relied solely on medication from her diagnosis needed to pay 150USD/per month to keep having access to them.

Someone else I know has tried 2 different brands and it still not working for them....

And my mother today got told that the mixture of all her medication that has been prescribed by her past doctor was actually slowly poisoning her....

And what if something else happens tomorrow and we have a shortage of medication? 

I have many reasons to tell people to stop relying on medication for ADHD. On top of that, my clients have had huge shifts and result from just a few weeks working together, without the medication.

The benefit of a  simple diagnosis like ADHD is that without the medication your heart doesn't stop beating. You just need to learn how to focus without the medication. 

A lot of people rely on this medication because they feel like they can't function without it. And sadly, that is also a belief that is reinforced by some doctors and pharmaceutical companies, leaving no room to self-regulate naturally. 

It takes more work to learn to self-regulate and focus naturally, but then it's permanent. My own personal experience and those of my clients have proven that you can absolutely and entirely overcome the challenges of ADHD without the medication.  

ADHD function just like your eyesight. If you had a bad vision and you buy some glasses to see better, you'll see better with the glasses. But then, you need to remove the glasses when you go in the water, when you go to bed, or trying to sleep on an airplane, you need to buy new pairs, they get broken, they wear off, they are not permanent. The moment you take the glasses off, you can't see.

But what if I told you that I'll teach you something that is sure to improve your eyesight so much that you won't need those glasses anymore for the rest of your life? But you need to want to learn it.....

Lao Tsu said that if you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

I have helped my clients who were struggling very much to overcome the symptoms. They were able to function again and focus when they wanted to.

We overcame the biggest challenges:

  • Inattention : by regaining focus, being able to stay on track and stopping getting distracted by everything going on around them
  • Impulsivity : by regulating their nervous system and their emotional brain which allowing them to stop and think and make conscious choices before responding and acting
  • Hyperactivity : by learning to listen to their body and slowing down the busyness, removing the scattered behaviors and overrunning thoughts, which allowed them to sleep better and feel more calm and relaxed.


In my book '' Finish What You Start'' , I help and guide my reader to do just that. Then we get to apply some of those tools and more in real life with accountability, support, and community. 

If you too are tired of relying on and having to take medication, and you are ready for some permanent change that will help you find that focus wherever you are, whatever is happening in the world, apply to start in our next cohort.






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