When you need a Productivity Coach and not a Business Coach

business productivity Mar 11, 2022

Myriam and I had similar businesses. We were in the same business coaching program. Myriam and I went through the same courses, received the same strategies and information.

But Myriam had difficulties following through with the deadlines. She would have a hard time finding the motivation to start the task. She would scatter herself between all the different strategies and in a boost, get started on 4 different platforms and give them up a day later. She would be working at home, spending all her day, cooking, cleaning, working on house projects, knowing that she had so much to do for her business. Myriam was struggling financially and she always had another one or two side gigs she would pick up taking most of her time and focus.

Myriam has everything she needs to have a successful business, but no matter the amount of business advice she gets, she just doesn’t follow through with them.

She stopped showing up in her business coaching group because she felt ashamed that she wasn’t putting in the time for it. She felt she had nothing to share and the more she disconnected from it, the more she gave up on her dream of owning her own business and being a successful entrepreneur.

Myriam needed to see a productivity coach.

You see, business coaches have a model for you to follow. And business coaches are not cheap. The return of investment can be very high, but only if you actually do what is needed to be done. The work doesn’t do itself. It needs consistency, it can be dreadful, hard work, to start a business. You constantly need to be putting yourself out there, failing and trying again. If you haven’t figured out the piece on how to be productive before you get into a business coaching program, you'll probably end up failing and thinking that business is just not for you, when you actually, just haven’t been as productive as you could be if you had the strategies on how to do that.

Why a business coach is not a productivity coach

Your business coach's focus is to going to help you with your numbers. How many clients, how many leads, how many prospects, what worked, what didn’t work.

Your business coach doesn’t spend months with you, to make sure you are productive before you start. They assume you already have that figured out when you buy their services.

Business coaching is a whole thing in itself. It’s a lot of money, it’s a lot of time. If you are trying to figure out how to be productive while you are in a business coaching program, you would probably end up wasting time and money.

I spend weeks, and even years with my clients, just to clear that productivity piece. Productivity is complex because it is often entangled with everything that is not business-related, when you're not spending time focusing on the business, you're focusing on everything else that’s not the business, which is absolutely everything that is part of your life.

If you want to be a successful business owner, if you want to get tasks completed, if you want to advance your career and scale up, you first need to integrate the ways to be productive.

If you haven’t got your strategies nailed down, you may want to be talking to a productivity coach first.

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