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Discover how you can systematically and consistently get into the productivity mindset and accomplish everything with focus and clarity.

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In this game-changing book, Meggie Houle shares her journey of learning how to follow through and becoming the expert she is today. Her methods have helped hundreds of clients change their life around, and it'll work for you too, especially if you have ADHD. 

If you have been struggling with inattention and lack of direction until now, go no further. This book process works especially for those who learn and think differently. You will learn everything you need to know to stop wasting your time and energy, so you can start feeling accomplished and productive in your everyday.


In this book you will learn:

Meggie's proven methodology in getting things done consistently

  • How to get things done without another to-do list (and why to-do list don't work) (chapter 3)
  • How stress symptoms inhibit your ability to follow through and what are the long term effect on your productivity (chapter 4)
  • How flexibility can be life-changing and pressuring yourself in accomplishing things doesn't work (chapter 4) 
  • The process of habit breaking and reprogramming them with an easy step-by-step (chapter 3)
  • The signs that shows you when you have too much on your plate and how you can reverse the effects of stress (chapter 4)
  • The difference when we are being and doing between the mind and body and why you have been focusing on the wrong one (chapter 8)
  • The connections that are blocking you in doing what you know you need to get done and affect your growth (chapter 11)
  • The complete guide one how to be more focus in everything you do (hint - it's not what you think) (chapter 12)

How to achieve the finisher mindset without relapse

  • Learn how to stop procrastinating the right way (chapter 4)
  • The biggest obstacle in trying to accomplish anything in your daily life (chapter 5)
  • Why you haven't been focusing on the right habit to reprogram (chapter 5)
  • The subconscious ways we keep self-sabotaging and what they actually mean (chapter 6)
  • The truth about what you were taught how to accomplish things (chapter 6)
  • Why you keep doing the things you don't want to be doing and which ways you can stop doing them today (chapter 7)
  • The myths about why we distract and the wisdom behind it (chapter 6) 
  • How fear gets in the way of the thing you want to finish and what to do about it (chapter 9)
  • How your emotional brain leads the ways of your productivity and everything you need to know about managing them (chapter 11)

Meet Meggie

Meggie Houle has consistently proven that even people with ADHD can be productive and stay on track to finish what they start. After a traumatic accident left her with a spinal cord injury, she spent years learning the ways to manage her ADHD symptoms regardless of the limitations of her condition. She became a hypnotherapist and a mindset expert to overcome great challenges and has successfully found ways to manage the severe ADHD symptoms that were inhibiting her life. 

She is an international best-selling author, teacher, keynote speaker, and spinal cord injury survivor. Her decade in flight planning with her career as a hypnotherapist has allowed her to tap into the deepest subconscious blocks of her clients to get them to fulfill their life's biggest dreams in their career and personal life. Now as an ADHD Productivity coach, she offers a unique set of tools to help people unlock what is keeping them from getting things done so they can fulfill their life's calling.

From her work with entrepreneurs and aspiring-entrepreneurs with ADHD, she helps clients regain control over their symptoms, find direction, and follow their life's purpose with more clarity and productivity. 



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