A 2-Day Immersive Self-Hypnosis Workshop to Transform And Start Attracting What You Want in Life

June 3-4

Penticton, British Columbia

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Join Us To Transform Your Life and Becoming Irresistible To What You Want in Life


In this intimate workshop, you will experience a deep transformation through a very powerful technique that you will learn and master to help you remove any negative thoughts, feelings, and roadblocks that have been impacting your life. 

This unique technique has helped thousands of people change long-lasting habits, improve their relationships drastically, increase their confidence and self-worth, and helped them start to achieve more of what they truly want in life

This workshop is designed to move within you, in the deep layers of your being to rewrite the stories you want to let go and move past. This experience is unique as it works with the mind, body, spirit, bringing to you a complete recalibration of your attraction field on all levels so you create the kind of life you're envisioning yourself to live. 

This weekend will go beyond manifestation into actualization. You'll not only be guided through the whole process and experience instant transformation during these two days, but you'll also have a workbook and technique you can apply for the rest of your life. Welcome to Irresistible, where we experience subconscious reprogramming in an embodied way that will immediately shift your frequency into a magnetic being.


The law of attraction only follows one rule: it attracts to you whatever you are vibrating at in your magnetic field, from your energetic body, and it is THAT frequency that dictates what you get in life. 




Accessing the subconscious mind allows you to break free of your automatic patterns

In the deep layers of your cellular body, your magnetism vibrates out to attract what resonates to your frequency. To transform what you attract, you must access those layers beyond conscious thinking - beyond just mindset, so you can truly transform at the deepest levels of your subconscious and create a direct response to your automatic nervous system.

In this class, you will master ONE technique THAT DOES IT ALL and will begin receiving benefits immediately. 

Through the full immersion of this weekend, your understanding will deepen and you experience the power of your subconscious mind and body. The process is simple, yet profound in its ability to help you move forward in your life, past roadblocks and limitations keeping you from being your best.


The technique we use acts like a deprogramming device that removes old limiting beliefs and patterns. We call this process the "Emptying of the Cup." During this phase, the system works like anti-virus software for the mind, ridding you of all erroneous programming from the past that is getting in the way of your happiness, success, and feelings of confidence.


Exercises + Workbook

You'll be guided through the entire experience with Meggie and get a workbook to follow you at home for life

Tools & Technique

You'll get the proven framework and technique that you can use wherever, whenever in the comfort of your mind that wil instantly shift how you feel inside

Live Coaching

You'll have Meggie's valuable insight and guidance to help you on the spot and give you personalized assistance


Dedicated time for you to ask questions about the challenges you've been having in your life and manifesting your desires

If you have been going through challenges in your life, it might have seem that nothing is quite working as you thought it would. Your family doesn't seem to cooperate with your desires, your job might be unfulfilling, or some of your needs are not being met. You might have even started believing that there is something wrong with you, that maybe you weren't meant to have it all in life, that the life you long for is simply unattainable..

Often we allow internal conflict to settle in. We try to meet these expectations we have for ourselves, but it just ends up in more disappointment, we feel we are failing constantly, and then we engage in habits, behaviors, and patterns that continue to block us from being the most attractive version of ourselves, repeating and keeping us stuck in this cycle.

Life may have felt unfair for you until now, you know you are meant for more, you want peace, love and joy to flow easily into your life. You want to be guided effortlessly to what you need to do without ever having to overthink it again. But nothing seems to change. You may even have tried other mindset methods, affirmations, or meditation that only changed your life momentarily.

The truth is, all of these only really work when you already have the underlying foundation that believes in the mindset you're trying to change. Manifesting what you want in life start by becoming the magnetic person you need to be to attract what you want in life. 

In this workshop,  Meggie  – who has hundreds of hours of experience working with the subconscious mind & body  - will guide you through teachings, practices, and exercises that are designed to break free of old patterns and bring you in alignment to your desires so you can shine into the irresistible human you are.



  • Are looking to start manifesting what you want in life on a deeper & authentic level
  • Want to learn a technique that will break all patterns, habits, and conflicts you've been wanting to change
  • Want to develop practices that regulate your nervous system so you can be more present with your relationships and family 
  • Desire to deepen your connections and intimacy with yourself, your surroundings, and what you attract in life
  • Are wanting to gain access to a deeper layer of yourself to create more self-love, compassion and forgiveness
  • Want to find ease in expressing your desires and get clarity on the direction of your life and follow the path forward
  • Want to have a framework to help you through tougher times and that will help you ground and heal on the spot
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In-Person Event

*You must attend both days

Date: Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4
Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm PT (both days)

There will also be two follow-up Zoom calls with the group to integrate and address any upcoming questions

In-Person Event
Location: Elevate Penticton Studio, Penticton, BC
60 Calgary Ave Suite 105, Penticton, BC V2A 1N1, Canada


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Our bodies hold the intelligence of who we are. The way we behave, the ways we act and react, are done on a subconscious level. You don't have to ''think'' to do about 95% of your day-to-day activities.

So guess what? Focusing on changing your thoughts only gives you 5% of the results you want. When we access the subconscious & the body's language to make deep-rooted changes, we get to speak to 95% of our experiences, that's why changes happen so much quicker.

About the Founder

Meggie Houle

Since I first opened my hypnotherapy practice 5 years ago, I have witnessed the power of the subconscious mind on my clients to transform their life entirely. Whatever lifelong habits they wanted to break, whatever they needed healing with, to find joy and peace within their life again, there is no limit to what the mind is able to accomplish given proper tools and focus. 

Self-Hypnosis literally changed my life. When I first learned this technique, I was suffering from post-traumatic choc disorder from a recent accident. Not only did it heal that aspect of my life in one session, it also helped me to meet all the challenges in life with more calm, poise, and assurance that I had a technique I could rely on to get me out of any circular anxious thinking.

Since then, and by only practicing a few minutes a day, I have been able to create an extraordinary life. 

My wish for you is that you get to feel and become the best version of yourself with the confidence that everything is possible, that your life is magnificent, and fall in love with everything that you are and have. 

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The only way to truly manifest what you want in life is to heal & remove the old that still live within your mind and body so you can make space to vibrate the new energy you want to attract..
This is a recalibration of your entire being to attract exactly what you want in life.


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 June 3 & 4 @ Elevate Penticton


$485 per person


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Some of the biggest challenges are not because we don't know what we want. It's because we aren't being what we want in life, therefore we keep attracting situation that calls us to heal that part of ourselves. 


This is the secret of manifestation that people don't talk about.  To manifest what you want, you have to first start working on what's stopping you to manifest what you want in life. When you raise your frequency through your healing, you start attracting and vibrating your highest version of yourself on the subconscious level. 

THIS IS IRRESISTIBLE, A Movement Beyond Manifestation


  • One that  CLEARS your ancestral ties of outdated beliefs that generations have been passing down to you so YOU can transcend them
  • One that aligns your DESIRE to what vibrates and feels exciting at the core of your being and not to what was conditioned into you
  • One that makes you so damn CONFIDENT about yourself and what you are here to do and makes you feel WORTHY in your body
  • One that shines your purest LIGHT into the world and into your life so you can become a beacon of light for your family, your community, and the world.
  • One that makes your path crystal clear, your dharma,  your MISSION, your purpose in this life take form and manifest
  • One that brings to you all of your wild and prosperous dreams because you  DESERVE them and always have, and always will
  • One that makes you fearless to face the challenges of life because you CAN handle it, because you have the COURAGE to become as big as you were intended to be in this life 


THIS is YOUR TIME to Become Truly IRRESISTIBLE and Magnetize All You Ever Wanted in Your Life

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