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Helping organizations struggling with employee morale and decreased productivity tap into a higher gear.

BUILD YOUR FLIGHT PLAN FOR SUCCESS: A step-by-step that is guaranteed to safely land any project to its destination.

Meggie Houle is an expert in helping people resolve what's blocking them from getting things done. From flight planning to hypnotherapist and productivity expert, Meggie empowers audiences to actively gain control of their success. In her best-selling book ''Finish What You Start'', she guides her readers through a methodology that is guaranteed to amplify their productivity.


Using her decade of experience in the high-pressure work environment of aviation, with her own paragliding accident and spinal cord injury as a backdrop, Meggie gets audiences to build a flight plan for success and implement a framework to create more efficiency in the workplace without sacrificing mental health and leading to burning out.


Meggie has a passion for understanding the human beliefs and perceptions of being, living, and creating new connections. She has overcome some of the greatest challenges of ADHD and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion. She focuses on helping her clients break old patterns and addressing the root of the real underlying issues to make permanent changes and help them feel in charge of their life.

Your Flight Plan For Success

A systematic approach to getting things done, consistently.

How many times per day do we check our phones? 3 times? 40? 550? How is the world pulling us in all directions with distractions? What if, we keep procrastinating, not because we don't have time to do something, but because we haven't taken the time to plan our flight before launching it?

In her keynote, Meggie addresses some of the most important concepts she learned from over 6000 flights planned for aircraft during her career. Transposed into the human craft, those concepts allow us to lead a more productive life, one that makes all of our work and life projects reach our goals. From the most basic requirement for launching to the intricate ways to navigating en-route obstacles before landing, Meggie's analogies enlighten her audience with ideas to be applied right away. 

Meggie lives in British Columbia, Canada, and spends a great amount of time outdoor and paragliding. She loves traveling and creating a life rich in experiences and encounters.


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Keynote Sample:


5-Minutes Keynote, opening presented by Dr. Angela Lauria from the Author Incubator.

Hi, I'm Meggie.

International keynote speaker and difference-maker, talking about diversity and inclusion while inspiring you to create a lifestyle with structure and flow so every minute of your life is spent purposefully.

Life goes by so fast, if we spend it feeling stressed and scattered, we lose our chance to create the life we are longing to live. There's no better time than now to start focusing on what truly matters and get done what we need to get done so we can spend more time loving our life