Grieving Lies, Loss and Letting go with Medicinal Plants - Cyndal Wallace

This week with fellow hypnotist Cyndal Wallace, we dive into her own tumultuous journey, between not knowing her biological father, family lies, the death of her ''close'' uncle, and finally only recently finding the truth about who her father is, Cyndal has gone through many layers of facing and healing her grief.

We never truly stop grieving, we are constantly grieving what we have lost, might it be a connection, who we were, an idea, security, or safety, grieving is more than just the loss of a loved one, it's the death of the little parts of ourselves and all the expectations we had for ourselves and others. 

Everyone in this life experience grief, it's a matter if we allow it to be expressed it or not. Listen to Cyndal with her insights on how she overcame something as big as she has in her own journey, which led her to empower others in their journey.

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