What Unscattered means and how to get there

The scattered mind sits in the way of you having your best life. It blocks you from creating fulfilling relationships, an exciting career, and a life you'll love and thrive in with a perfect balance of structure and flow. When you move from scattered to unscattered, you make choices that feel good, aligned with your true needs and nature, effortlessly, without the struggle of not knowing how to get things done and where to start, and there is nothing as amazing as knowing you are completely in control and focused on your goals even with ADHD. 




You are on the scattered side if:

  • You know you need to make changes in your life but you'll rather stay in the comfort of your struggles than trying to figure out where to start
  • You are putting your own blocks and barriers to move forward because that feels like you have at least some kind of control even if it's negatively impacting you
  • You are consistently feeling frustrated by your stagnancy and ruminate in negative thoughts for longer than you wish
  • You lack motivation to do the things you know you need to get done and it ends up in procrastination
  • You have difficulty getting the hard tasks done so you end up focusing too much on the easy ones
  • You have lost confidence that you can accomplish things on your own
  • You feel your brain fog is getting in the way of getting your day started with a clear and focused mentality
  • You are questioning everything little thing that you do
  • You are afraid to try new things
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of making decisions that could be misinterpreted and what people would think of you is getting in the way
  • You have difficulty getting started on even the smallest tasks and feel like you are overthinking it all the time
  • You feel stressed by the number of things that you have going on and struggle to get them done and organized

Did you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions?! ME TOO. Until I unpacked all the ways I was getting in my own ways and how to get out of it so I could create a life I love AND live it everyday. Let’s learn how to MASTER and STAY unscattered!



You'll know you are unscattered when:

You can get started on anything you need to

There is nothing that is getting in your way of what you set up your mind to do. No blocks, no second-guessing, no procrastinating, no self-sabotage. You know how to accomplish things from the moment you think about doing them and you know exactly what to do to keep yourself on track, organized and productive.

You feel structured within flow

You have the mental clarity to plan and structure what you need to get done in your day-to-day, within the flow of your own unique essence and needs. You feel energized and free to create what comes through you easily and without missing a deadline or falling behind. You feel at peace in your balance of work and play and total freedom within your organized life.

You feel confident in your abilities

You have everything that you need to do everything that you came into this life to do. You are out with the old habits and in with the ones you know are good for you. Without all those learned layers that weren't not serving you, you are in alignment, you have nothing to fear, and know exactly what you are capable of. You shine and drive with energy the way you need to feel fulfilled and thrive with purpose. 




Learn the method step by step:

Become Unscattered is a self-paced program that allows you to learn the technique on your schedule, week-by-week. The course spans 8 weeks, and each week is centered around integrating all the pieces that will make your unique UNSCATTERED plan, a subconscious blueprint for mental clarity.

 It includes:

  • 8-weeks of video lessons from Meggie Houle to teach you the step-by-step process of UNSCATTERED, a proven methodology to remove all the blocks that are getting in your way, so you can have mental clarity and focus on what you need to get done every day.
  • Individual one-on-one orientation 
  • Coaching support directly from Meggie in our weekly zoom call, Q&A, challenges, and access to Meggie during weekly office hours to ask anything
  • A supportive community, we offer a compassionate environment for all scattered learners or with ADHD here, diagnosed and undiagnosed. We are all working towards the same goal. 
  • Videos, recordings, and audios to watch (and rewatch ) as you go through all the material.
  • Checking-in, weekly assessment, support, and guidance. We know sometimes we need that little accountability nudge to just keep us going. 


Are you tired of feeling frustrated?

Are you tired of feeling scattered and not doing what you want to do?

To be radically honest, too many put up with the struggles because they have been told that's the way they are and the way it is and will be for the rest of their life. I say NO to this. I saw both sides of the coin and I am determined to make you live it, feel it, and be it, too! It's time to stop putting up with a life less than awesome!


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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